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Counselor & Coach

Are you tired of feeling stuck? Ready to drive your life in a direction you choose without getting deterred by worry, indecision, being overwhelmed, or having low self-esteem?

Are you showing up for life in the way you want to be? Do you know how you want to show up for your relationships, career, or yourself? Let's talk, experiment, and develop flexibility and meaning in our lives.  


Clinical psychotherapist, California MFT license: #80088 since 2016

Areas of Expertise

Modern Dating Strategies
Intimate Relationships CNM
Personal & Career Development
Worry Overwhelm & Life Satisfaction
Help for Family-based Caregivers

If you are waiting for time, energy, or divine inspiration, you probably aren't going to find it. All of that good stuff happens once you start moving toward change.

It's easy to get started! I do have a very limited number of openings at this time, Let's see if we are a fit, book a phone/video consultation today!

Locations & Contact


Convenient Noe Valley Location

4021 24th Street Suite E

San Francisco, CA 94114

Not ready to book a consult? Call Text or Email me:

Tel: (415) 938-4555

Let's get experimental. Let's be brave about facing our fears and chasing after our dreams. Get started on your path to a fuller, more meaningful life today.

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