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Review: How To Build A Sex Room

Melanie Rose, interior designer and host of How To Build A Sex Room (image credit: Netflix)
Melanie Rose, interior designer and host of How To Build A Sex Room (image credit: Netflix)

I got a bit more than I expected from the new Netflix series How to Build A Sex Room. It's a home make-over show with niche differences made very evident by the series title. The series stars Melanie Rose, a matronly-looking, middle-aged woman with tightly cropped silver hair, a flowy, colorful wardrobe, and a fetish for fun, sensible footwear. She strikes a familiar profile, like a cheeky auntie or an office mate who is an easy laugh and always up for going out after work. Her near-constant impish grin is all that hints at her very specialized interior design talents.

Melanie has been designing luxury homes for more than fifteen years and briefly describes a moment of shock when she was first asked to design a sex room for one of her high-end clients. In this series, she shows no sign of shock or hesitation. Melanie gets her clients talking about what they are into and assesses them for interests they may not be putting into words. She also exposes them to new experiences by taking them on very adult field trips. Her client's surprise at what feels sexy or permission to laugh and break character during a role-play are some of the priceless and even heartwarming moments captured in the show.

Over the years, far too many of my clients expressed feeling stuck and unsatisfied with their sexual routines and often unwilling to endure the awkwardness of trying new things in the bedroom. If this sounds familiar, watch this show! How To Build A Sex Room will likely get you talking and giggling about sex and fantasy with your partner. The wide variety of couples speaking freely, and sometimes not so freely, about their sexuality starts to normalize the topic. It illustrates the importance of creating space for intimacy and sexual exploration, even for those of us without the extra square footage.

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